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Sunday, July 31, 2011

VBS, Crochet, & Frog Kisses

What a busy week!! This past week was VBS at our church and the theme was "Shake it Up Cafe". It was an absolute blast with over 100 children registered and between 75 - 95 showing up each day. Plus all the volunteers. Everyone involved did a great job! I had the fun job of being craft leader because I'm a "crafty woman" at church. I admit, I was really nervous at first - I've not taught children other than my own since I taught dance 10 years ago! But it was so much fun. We painted aprons the first day, made "Give Happily" banks on day 2, day 3 we decorated tote bags, we made coasters out of wood & tile on the fourth day, and the last day we made picture frames out of cardboard and gingham tablecloths! I'll post photos later - I haven't gotten my disc with all the pictures from the week long event yet. But it was fun and everyone made lasting friendships.

In other news, Granny Gloria is working hard for me adding to her collection of crochet items including bolero vests! What do you think?
Check out her section of my shop for many more items!

Have you all heard of Frog Kisses? It's a fantastic brand of handmade boutique items and I'm proud to say that I'm friends with the designer of the line. She has an Outfit of the Month Club which I, of course, enrolled my daughter in. Here is this month's outfit - isn't she gorgeous?
You can find more from the Frog Kisses line at their Facebook page here.
That's all for me this week! I'm thinking I will make this a weekly blog, unless something fun and exciting happens during the week that I need to update you on. Look for our summer sale to begin tomorrow at the shop!


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