Welcome to my blog! I'm a stay at home of 3 beautiful children and I love to sew! I have been sewing ever since I was a little girl and my gran taught me everything from machine-sewing to cross-stitch. I started making Barbie clothes this past Christmas for my daughter and I loved it! It's so much fun to design and create fashions for the ultimate model - Barbie! I opened a shop on Etsy in May of this year and I have met a lot of talented artists that I enjoy networking with. So, take some time to look around, read my posts, and enjoy!


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Friday, July 15, 2011

Sales and Bargins!

There are lots of Christmas in July sales going on over at Etsy this week, not to mention some great bargains! I had no idea how many shops have items under $10 and $20! Here are few great examples:

And tomorrow starts the Saturday Night Special event! Here is a link to the team that sponsors this: Saturday Night Specials. There will be a discussion thread that starts at 5 pm EST where shops will list their SNS and buyers can shop to their heart's content! The specials will end at 6 am EST (or earlier, times may vary in certain shops). What's mine you ask? Well, that's a surprise!! But how does a FREE ITEM sound? Hope to see shopping tomorrow night!


  1. My great-aunts, aunt & Mom used to give all us girls scraps of fabric & a needle & thread to make Barbie clothes, back in the early '60's. No patterns, but my Barbie had the best wardrobe of fur coats & gowns from my Gr Aunt. I've been sewing for Barbie ever since, but especially since the early 80's for my daughter. Today I'll be making a wardrobe for my gr-niece who is turning 6. It's a wonderful hobby, and I hope you do well with your business. Thank you for your inspirations! I'm motivated to create for a boutique my Mom and I are doing in November.

  2. That's fantastic! I started doing this for two reasons: my almost 2 yr old daughter loves Barbies and the craft shows last Christmas had no Barbie clothes sellers! Handmade Barbie clothes are the best!

  3. Thanks for sharing the SNS info! And I love your shop by the way. I wish I had a girl so I could buy barbie stuff. I absolutely love the idea of handmade barbie clothes.


  4. Thanks! I love your shop, too - your toddler ballet flats are gorgeous!