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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Six Years Strong

Sorry I haven't posted in several days, it has been such a busy weekend!! This Sunday my hubby and I celebrated 6 years of marriage. I can hardly believe it! Six years!! We dated almost 3 years before that, so really we've been together for very nearly a decade. Believe me, it hasn't been easy - we are so different in so many ways but alike enough to really get us in trouble (like how stubborn we both are!). But oh, has it been worth it. So I wanted to show off some photos...

So, obviously, I have a lot to show for the last six years, including three absolutely wonderful children. I don't think I have ever been so thankful for what I have. We may not be wealthy, we may only live in a small town in a small apartment, but we have each other. And really what more could I ask for? This is my little slice of heaven. Thanks for letting me share it with you today!

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