Welcome to my blog! I'm a stay at home of 3 beautiful children and I love to sew! I have been sewing ever since I was a little girl and my gran taught me everything from machine-sewing to cross-stitch. I started making Barbie clothes this past Christmas for my daughter and I loved it! It's so much fun to design and create fashions for the ultimate model - Barbie! I opened a shop on Etsy in May of this year and I have met a lot of talented artists that I enjoy networking with. So, take some time to look around, read my posts, and enjoy!


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Sunday, July 31, 2011

VBS, Crochet, & Frog Kisses

What a busy week!! This past week was VBS at our church and the theme was "Shake it Up Cafe". It was an absolute blast with over 100 children registered and between 75 - 95 showing up each day. Plus all the volunteers. Everyone involved did a great job! I had the fun job of being craft leader because I'm a "crafty woman" at church. I admit, I was really nervous at first - I've not taught children other than my own since I taught dance 10 years ago! But it was so much fun. We painted aprons the first day, made "Give Happily" banks on day 2, day 3 we decorated tote bags, we made coasters out of wood & tile on the fourth day, and the last day we made picture frames out of cardboard and gingham tablecloths! I'll post photos later - I haven't gotten my disc with all the pictures from the week long event yet. But it was fun and everyone made lasting friendships.

In other news, Granny Gloria is working hard for me adding to her collection of crochet items including bolero vests! What do you think?
Check out her section of my shop for many more items!

Have you all heard of Frog Kisses? It's a fantastic brand of handmade boutique items and I'm proud to say that I'm friends with the designer of the line. She has an Outfit of the Month Club which I, of course, enrolled my daughter in. Here is this month's outfit - isn't she gorgeous?
You can find more from the Frog Kisses line at their Facebook page here.
That's all for me this week! I'm thinking I will make this a weekly blog, unless something fun and exciting happens during the week that I need to update you on. Look for our summer sale to begin tomorrow at the shop!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Original Design by Barbie's Boutique Basics

I'm very excited to show off this dress - a brand new original design by myself. It has a wide, off-the-shoulder neckline, three-quarter sleeves, and a knee-length skirt. A small ribbon bow adorns the neckline. Made of stretch knit fabric, this dress has no need for snaps or Velcro - it slides right on! Currently it is only available in basic black, but will soon come in many colors and prints, including styles with contrasting neckbands. So why did I make this dress? Where did I get the idea? Well, I have for awhile made shirts similar to it. And every Barbie (every woman, really) needs a simple, knit dress that's breezy, comfortable and chic. So I extended the length of the shirt and stitched up the back seam. Really, it was pretty simple, it just took finding the right way to add length.

You can find this dress in my shop for just $10. Stop by and send some love!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Treasury Challenges this week!

Two teams are having weekly challenges. Here are my entries for each one - show some love by clicking, commenting, admiring, liking, and tweeting!! Have a great week ya'll!
For the EJ ART Treasury Team:

For the LMF Team:

Saturday, July 16, 2011

SNS Tonight!

Sorry, I'm soooo late! It's been a very busy night with the hubby, kids, and creating!! Tonight's special is BUY 2 GET 1 FREE on everything under $15! Stop by Barbie's Boutique Basics on etsy to shop to your heart's content!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sales and Bargins!

There are lots of Christmas in July sales going on over at Etsy this week, not to mention some great bargains! I had no idea how many shops have items under $10 and $20! Here are few great examples:

And tomorrow starts the Saturday Night Special event! Here is a link to the team that sponsors this: Saturday Night Specials. There will be a discussion thread that starts at 5 pm EST where shops will list their SNS and buyers can shop to their heart's content! The specials will end at 6 am EST (or earlier, times may vary in certain shops). What's mine you ask? Well, that's a surprise!! But how does a FREE ITEM sound? Hope to see shopping tomorrow night!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Six Years Strong

Sorry I haven't posted in several days, it has been such a busy weekend!! This Sunday my hubby and I celebrated 6 years of marriage. I can hardly believe it! Six years!! We dated almost 3 years before that, so really we've been together for very nearly a decade. Believe me, it hasn't been easy - we are so different in so many ways but alike enough to really get us in trouble (like how stubborn we both are!). But oh, has it been worth it. So I wanted to show off some photos...

So, obviously, I have a lot to show for the last six years, including three absolutely wonderful children. I don't think I have ever been so thankful for what I have. We may not be wealthy, we may only live in a small town in a small apartment, but we have each other. And really what more could I ask for? This is my little slice of heaven. Thanks for letting me share it with you today!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Today on Etsy... New listing and a Treasury Competition!

Yesterday and today have been busy!! Last night I was contacted by a buyer looking to have a replica of Vera Wang's "Diana" wedding gown for Barbie. After a lot of research and playing with fabric I came up with a price that was out of her range. Bummer. Major bummer because even though the gown was incredibly difficult, it would have been a fun challenge. Hey, I love custom orders!

But, the whole thing gave me an excuse to drag the kiddos to Hancock Fabrics which is my fave store! I picked up snaps which I've been desperately needing and that everyone has been out of so I could finish this awesome His & Hers matching set:

In addition to all that, the bestest team ever on Etsy (EJ ART's Treasury Promotion Team) is holding a treasury competition. The theme is "dreamy" and this is my submission:

And I was included in this submission by GlitzCouture (Thanks hon!):

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Goings on in Etsy

Two Barbie outfits are on their way to their new home! I'm so excited for them to get played with!
I also listed this great Christmas in July dress! Barbie is ready for the holidays with this Christmas print maxi dress and matching purse. Holiday hollies and a red and green bow will help anyone get into the spirit of Christmas! Dress has elastic at upper edge and waistline which makes for easy dressing by little hands. Large ribbon bow is attached to the back at the waistline. Matching purse is a drawstring pouch. Fits 11 1/2 inch dolls like Barbie, including both older and newer styles of the doll. DOLL AND ACCESSORIES NOT INCLUDED. 

And I was included in 2 treasuries! Thanks LemonberryStudio and Whatshername!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

What a great day to be an American! (I know, totally cheesy, right?) But it was a great day - I got to be with my wonderful husband and three monstrous but beautiful children. What could be better than that? And I think Kari may have liked her outfit, don't you?
 We celebrated in the true American way... Capitalism, Burgers, Fireworks. I found some AMAZING deals at Gymboree - I spent less than $25 on a knit jumper, suede boots, a tank, & shorts. Woo!! I made some burgers (hot dogs for the kiddos, they are so picky!) and corn-on-the-cob. Yum!! Then we trooped outside for some fireworks. The kids were so good at sitting still!
Aren't they cute?? And after that, Daddy tried to catch a firefly for them. No luck, but it was fun watching them try...

I hope everyone else had as much fun as my family did! Happy 4th everyone!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Strapless Maxi Dress with Matching Clutch Purse for Barbie

This is tonight's new listing! It's a gorgeously simple maxi dress with a matching clutch purse. The maxi was designed by a wonderful friend of mine. It has elastic at the upper edge and waistline making it incredibly easy for small children to dress Barbie. The clutch has a small snap closure with a bead sewn over snap. I love how simple and chic this dress is. So much so, that I have made it dozens of times in many different fabrics, colors, and prints. And how much is it, you ask? Just $2.25 in my shop. Go ahead, love it!

It's Saturday Night

And as usual, I'm hanging out in the SNS forum. I've been featured in a couple treasuries so far, too!

And I've been working on my daughter's 4th of July outfit...
What do you think? She apparently loves it, as she kept trying to run off with it when I was making the bows for the shoulders!

I have lots to do tonight - I have loads of photos to take and listings to draft. I'm trying to get to 100 listings in my shop on Etsy. "They", whoever they are, say that 100 is the magical number of listings a seller needs to hit before the sales start pouring in. I'm at 83. So we'll see how true this Etsy myth is. I also have a craft sale to  get ready for. It's next weekend in Jackson and I'm very excited! I found some cute wooden pieces at my fave store - Hobby Lobby - and I'm going to make a Barbie size clothing rack to shop from. How fun!!

Well, everyone have a safe and happy Independence Day!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Barbie Girl

Up until this past Christmas, I hadn't really paid much attention to Barbie since I was a kid. She's changed. I remember hearing about it in the news or in a magazine that her dimensions were changing to be more... hmm... natural. The older, pre-1999 Barbie's have a triangular torso - large shoulders and bust, itty-bitty waist. Barbie's made after 1999 look human. They even have a belly button! My only complaint is that the older Barbie could swivel at the torso and she can't anymore. My faves though, are the Swappin-Style Fashionista Barbies. They are completely jointed so posing them is incredibly easy. You can even pop off their head and switch it for a completely different one! What is your favorite Barbie?