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Saturday, June 16, 2012

St. Louis Trip and Dance Reunion

Hello Dolls!! This week has been an interesting one, that's for sure!!

I spent Monday finishing preparations to head to St. Louis - I dressed 15 of my best dolls in their outfits for the Show Me St. Louis feature and packed them in boxes. We only planned on spending the day in St. Louis, so I didn't need to pack much in the way of clothes for us, but since we were going out Tuesday night, I did pack some nicer clothes for that. I laid out our clothes for Tuesdays trip, and packed up the car...

My husband works the night shift at a local factory, so he got off and arrived home around 7:15 Tuesday morning. By then, the kids had already been up for awhile and I was doing some last minute things to get ready. We headed out around 8, stopping for breakfast and gas. We made only 30 minutes before a small voice from the backseat said, "Mommy, I gotta pee!" So we stopped and had all three kiddos get out and take a potty break. The rest of the trip north was fairly uneventful. I dropped my dolls off with Jennifer of "Jennifer's Favorite Finds" in St. Louis and then headed to my home town.

It's been almost 10 years since I lived in the St. Louis area and things have really changed. We come back to visit every now and then - but mostly we just visit family, very rarely do we revisit places or meet up with friends. This visit was for doing just that. Since my husband had worked all night, he needed sleep so I dropped him off at my grandpa's house. From there, the kids and I went to Steak 'n' Shake to meet up with an old girlfriend, Barb.

We had lunch and the kids were very well behaved! I was so proud! It was so good to see Barb again and catch up. Mostly though, I wanted to share her with my kids so they could know one of the most important people in my childhood. Barb and I became friends when we were 8 and went through a lot together - she is the one who introduced me to my husband 10 years ago. And even though we only see each other once a year now, my children need to know her.
Me & Barb in 2007
After the meal and some chatting, the kids and I headed back to my grandpa's home to rest and get ready for the evening out. My grandparent's have cable so the kids kicked back and watched the Cartoon Network for a couple hours - a rare treat for them. I woke my sleepy man up in time for an early dinner and then we all dressed up and headed out....

This year marked 10 years since I last danced in a recital. It also marked 56 years that Denoyer Dance has been open. This is the studio that I grew up in, the teachers there formed who I am and how I move. During my time there I learned tap, ballet, jazz, musical theater, swing, and Mexican folk dancing. I also learned about music, poise, grace, laughter, movement, and practice. I spent 14 years dancing there and the last two of those years, I was a teacher's aid to preschool classes. So, Tuesday night we went to Denoyer Dance Studio's 56th recital. It was a wonderful night - I saw teachers that I hadn't seen in years, fellow students that danced with me and are now teachers, students I had taught who were teens.... I couldn't believe it!! But the absolutely best part was halfway through the show when my almost-3-year-old daughter turned to me and said, "Mommy!! They is so pretty! I want to dance like that, too..." Talk about a proud moment - thank goodness there is a studio where we live now, because otherwise, I'd be making a two-hour commute every week for her to take lessons in St. Louis. 

Unfortunately, the night had to end and we had to drive back home. I was left feeling a little homesick for my old studio and wishing I still had my tap shoes to put on and putter around the house in. But I'm looking forward to the fall when Kari will be (finally!) old enough to start lessons of her own. 

This coming Tuesday, my Barbie clothes will be featured during "Jennifer's Favorite Finds" on Show Me St. Louis. It airs at 12:30 pm central on KSDK 5, if you live in the area. I will post a link here once the powers that be have put it online. I'm so nervous!! 

Have a great weekend dolls!

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